Contractor Classification in Abu Dhabi

contractor classification

Abu Dhabi Municipality for Engineering and Construction have a mandatory system known as classification where the companies register their business to ensure that they have the required experiences and resources. It is obligatory for Construction(contracting) and Engineering Consulting companies to be classified if they intend to bid for Governmental / semi-governmental projects.

Classifications are categorized into two types; one being exclusively for Contractors and the other for Engineering Consulting companies, with each having various sub- categories .On the Basis ofabove-mentioned Category wise set of requirements, each Contracting company and Consulting company can evaluate and decide as to which Category is appropriate for their license activities to be classified in.

All Foreign Branch companies in Abu Dhabi are required to be classified under Special Category.

If the company does not have qualified Engineers with equalized certificates, we are providing additional support by supplying Engineers on contractual basis to full fill the classification process.

With our rich experience in this domain, Smart Link Consultant can guide your Company to be classified under the right category thus ensuring your classification journey to be hassle-free and time-saving.


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