ADNOC Registration For Vendors and Suppliers

ADNOC Registration & Pre- Qualification

ADNOC, or the Abu Dhabi National Oil firm, is a state-owned oil company in the UAE. ADNOC was founded in 1971 and has since evolved to become one of the world’s leading oil and gas businesses. ADNOC, which focuses on exploration, production, refining, and distribution, has contributed significantly to the growth of the UAE’s economy and energy industry.

Strict Qualification Procedure

To maintain or expand ADNOC’s high-quality standards. Qualification system called ADNOC registration was implemented for vendors and providers. Cooperation with ADNOC is only feasible if this registration has been approved. At the same time, its registration is limited to companies based in Abu Dhabi. Acquiring ADNOC Registration now welcomes full foreign ownership, granting unrestricted opportunities for international investors.

Anyone interested in working and cooperating with ADNOC must go through this qualification process and obtain registration approval.

Is My Company Eligible For ADNOC Registration services?

First, SPC approval, which is essential for ADNOC registration, is only available to Abu Dhabi-based companies. That is, a company is eligible for ADNOC registration if its license is issued by the Abu Dhabi mainland licensing body. 

Additionally, companies registered in additionally, Manufacturing companies registered across UAE is eligible for SPC clearance..

However, these approvals are subject to SPC review on a case-by-case basis.

ADNOC Vendor Registration

The ADNOC vendor registration process certifies vendors who want to cooperate with ADNOC and be included on their vendor list. ADNOC vendor registration is essential for firms who want to do business with the UAE’s state-owned oil company, ADNOC.

The registration procedure allows companies to display their products and services while also being considered for future procurement possibilities with ADNOC.  Companies must meet a variety of requirements for registration, including legal and financial compliance, relevant industry experience, and adherence to ADNOC’s sustainability and ethical standards.

Smartlinkcs, a prominent business consultancy in Abu Dhabi, can provide critical assistance to organizations seeking to navigate the ADNOC vendor registration process, including assistance with documentation, compliance, and submission.

ADNOC Vendor Registration Steps

  • Get a valid trade license and a company identity that matches the ADNOC requirements.
  • Ensure that your company has adequate local presence and In country value certificate with minimum score of 20 and Above.
  • Provide any extra paperwork requested by ADNOC, such as financial statements or quality management certificates.
  • Wait for ADNOC to assess your application and confirm your prequalification status.

If you are prequalified, you will be added to ADNOC’s approved vendor list and may be invited to participate in tenders or other procurement processes.

Maintain current documentation and verify that your company meets ADNOC’s continuous standards to remain an approved vendor.

ADNOC Supplier Registration

Companies interested in doing business with the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) must first register as suppliers. ADNOC has severe criteria for suppliers, requiring them to demonstrate performance, financial stability, and conformity with industry standards. Registration and prequalification are done using the Ariba system. Suppliers that have successfully prequalified will receive system-generated emails with their ADNOC Unified ID and Work/Product Group.

ADNOC Registration Requirements

Documents and information needed for ADNOC registration:

  • Company Trade License 
  • VAT Registration Number (TRN)
  • ISO certification 
  • ownership details for all shareholders and UBOs.
  • Management information and contact details
  • Size of the company, number of employees, and Address
  • The Ministry of Labour’s list of all Abu Dhabi employees, including an organizational chart.
  • Financial audits from the last two years (if appropriate)

Why our services are ideal for you

At Smart Links, we understand the difficulties of providing ADNOC registration services to a variety of clients, including manufacturers interested in working with the ADNOC group, and can give help and direction to ensure that your company is well-prepared and satisfies all essential standards.

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