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What Are The Procedures To Get A Freelance License in UAE?

Dubai has evolved as a booming destination for freelancers from all over the world. The thriving economy and broad employment sector provide numerous options for freelancers. Obtaining a freelance permit is an essential requirement for freelancers in Dubai. 

Obtaining a freelancing visa in Dubai allows you to do business in the UAE and legally deliver professional services to clients. Freelance visas are offered at reasonable rates, allowing you to work on a variety of commercial operations. 

Who Can Apply For A Freelance Permit UAE?

Anyone intending to work as a freelancer in Dubai can apply for a freelance permit and visa. The primary applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree or specialized certification. They must also show that they have earned at least AED 360,000 (about INR 75 lakh) in the past two years.

However, the individual’s eligibility is determined by whether they work in one of the qualified professions.

How To Apply For A Freelance Visa In Dubai (UAE) ? 

Follow the steps to apply for a freelancing visa in Dubai and you will be able to complete the process smoothly.

  1. Visit the official freelance permit Online website or email us to access the necessary information and resources. 
  1. Contact our dedicated team for personalized guidance and assistance throughout the application process.
  1. Fill out the visa application form completely and accurately, making sure it matches your occupation and company objectives.
  1. Submit your Dubai Freelance Visa Application Online. Our experts will assist you with document verification and securing your freelance permit in Dubai.

Documents Needed For A Freelance License in UAE

  • A completed application form.
  • Passport copy.
  • Passport-sized photo.
  • Educational credentials or professional qualifications attested at embassy level.
  • Portfolio highlighting your work.
  • Business strategy outlining your freelance activity.
  • Required documents include a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for current UAE employees and health insurance coverage documents.

What is the eligibility condition for obtaining a freelance permit Abu Dhabi?

To qualify, you must meet the requirements outlined below.

  • Obtain permission from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization to work for yourself or as a freelancer.
  • A bachelor’s degree or specialized diploma in education is required.

What is the cost of a freelance license in UAE?

The cost of a freelance permit in Abu Dhabi varies according on the urgency, the permit’s validity, and if you apply from Dubai or elsewhere. In addition, Indian citizens must pay separate costs for their freelance license or permit, establishment card, and freelancer visa.

What Is The Processing Time For a Freelancer License in UAE?

If you apply for the Dubai Freelance Visa from outside of Dubai, you will be required to obtain an entry permit. If all of the documentation are in order, the entry permission can be issued within 2-7 working days.

After receiving your entry permit, you can apply for the Dubai Freelance Visa, which might take 10-30 days to process. The processing time for your visa is critical for planning and ensuring a comfortable trip experience.


In conclusion, obtaining a freelance permit in the UAE opens up lucrative opportunities. This visa enables people to pursue their passions, start successful businesses, and enjoy the freedom of self-employment, all while contributing to Dubai’s dynamic and diversified economy. Contact the Smart Link Consultancy Service team to begin the application process for your freelance permit in UAE. They not only assist you obtain an affordable freelance visa in Dubai, but they are also willing to support and advise you through the process.


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