Supreme petroleum council approval

Supreme Petroleum Council(SPC) Registration Abu Dhabi

The Supreme Petroleum Council approved ‘Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Field & Facilities Services’. All enterprises involved in the oil and petroleum industries must obtain their approval. It might range from consulting to supply, from catering to the issuance of Critical National Infrastructure Authority passes to get access to the oil field sites. Since the Supreme Petroleum Council serves as the ADNOC’s Board of Directors, the two bodies have been in close communication and collaboration since the statute was passed.

Everything in the petroleum industry in Abu Dhabi is overseen by the Supreme Petroleum Council  Abu Dhabi, and all vendors and organizations involved must strictly adhere to all of its laws and regulations in order to remain in business. Since then, Abu Dhabi’s priority has shifted from oil to gas, solar, and nuclear power. Companies involved in this field must closely adhere to a variety of norms and regulations.

What is the Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) Approval?

SPC (Supreme Petroleum Council) permission authorizes a firm to provide “Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Field & Facilities Services” and is required when a company want to cooperate with ADNOC or any company affiliated with the ADNOC registration company. The Supreme Petroleum Council was founded under Law No. (1) of 1988 and is in charge of structuring and regulating petroleum-related policies, objectives, and operations in Abu Dhabi. The Council also serves as the ADNOC Board of Directors, responsible for the company’s strategy and financial performance.

What is Supreme Petroleum Council  Approval?

Supreme Petroleum Council  Approval is required when a company want to collaborate with ADNOC or any business linked with ADNOC. It enables a corporation to provide “Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Field Services.”

Why do you need ADNOC / SPC Approval?

Companies who want to do business directly with companies in the oil and gas sector in Abu Dhabi must get their trade licenses approved by SPC. SPC permission is required for any companies engaging with oil and gas companies in Abu Dhabi, regardless of the primary activities they engage in. This approval is required to grant CICPA (important Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority) security passes, which allow access to oil fields and important infrastructure locations.

How can I apply for ADNOC SPC Approval and CICPA passes?

  • An LLC Company or Foreign Branch must be established in Abu Dhabi with a DED Trade Licence and an Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce licence that includes the activity “Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas Field & Facilities Services” as well as the company’s relevant commercial operations.
  • SPC approval will be part of the DED company establishment process.
  • Once the SPC approval for the initial licence is received, the full DED licence will be issued.
  • The company can then apply for employment visas through the same company.
  • The employer can then apply for CICPA Abu Dhabi passes for these employees.
  • Only employees of the Abu Dhabi company or branch are eligible for CICPA passes. Employees who hold temporary employment passes and are not employed by the Abu Dhabi business will be unable to obtain CICPA passes.

How much does an SPC approval cost?

The Supreme Petroleum Council charges no costs for applications; nevertheless, DED fees will apply.

How can Smart Links Group assist you?

Smart Links has a team of specialist consultants that are well-versed in all aspects of the Abu Dhabi Supreme Petroleum Council. We offer one-of-a-kind solutions for vendors or companies to comply with the law and remain under the purview of the Supreme Petroleum Council

We support them and provide consulting services to make the process smoother. With ever-changing norms and regulations, we ensure that our team of experts is always up to date. 

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