ADNOC Registration For Vendors and Suppliers

ADNOC stands for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. It is a globally renowned oil and energy company based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company was established back in 1971 by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. ADNOC plays a vital role in the UAE’s economy by spearheading the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of petroleum and petrochemical products across the globe. It is a highly integrated company that operates across the entire oil and gas value chain. ADNOC aims to maximize the value of the UAE’s hydrocarbon resources while guaranteeing sustainable development and accountable resource management of these finite resources.

ADNOC has flourished throughout the years, developing domestically as well as internationally. To enhance ADNOC capabilities and increase its influence, it has formed strategic alliances with popular global energy companies like Shell, Total ExxonMobil etc. Through these collaborations, ADNOC has improved its technological competence, boosted production capacity, and diversified its energy portfolio beyond oil to include natural gas, renewable energy, and downstream industries. 

ADNOC’s dedication towards sustainability, innovation, and efficiency is fundamental to achieving long-term goals. ADNOC aims to contribute to the UAE’s economic diversification and energy transition efforts while maintaining its position as a leading participant in the global energy market. The company has taken many initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint and increase its efficiency and sustainability. The company has undertaken several measures to reduce its carbon footprint and boost its efficiency and stability. These include using carbon capture and storage technology, generating renewable energy projects, and implementing modern digital technologies to enhance operations. ADNOC is a major player in the worldwide oil and gas business.

Process of ADNOC Registration

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is the national oil giant and one of the world’s major oil firms. Every year, it awards multimillion-dollar contracts to local businesses. There are special regulations for international companies looking to do business with ADNOC. They must have their own company or branch in the region, as well as a local sponsor who acts as a business partner or collaborates with a local agent.

Foreign businesses require registration approval before engaging in any business with ADNOC. This compulsory ADNOC registration for vendors and suppliers is a critical step toward maintaining and expanding ADNOC’s strict quality requirements.

How To Register As a Vendor For ADNOC?

The initial phase in becoming a vendor for the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is to register as a business. As one of the world’s major oil and gas enterprises, ADNOC provides an immense number of options for suppliers and service providers. Companies must meet a variety of conditions to be eligible for registration, including legal and financial compliance, appropriate industry experience, and adherence to ADNOC’s sustainability and ethical standards.

Here, we discuss the registration process step by step;

Step 1: Eligibility For ADNOC

Before beginning the registration procedure, ensure your company meets ADNOC’s qualifying standards. This mainly involves;

  • A Trade Licence in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Financial Stability of the company.
  • An extensive experience and certifications in the oil and gas industry.
  • Compliance with ADNOC’s ethical and sustainability standards.

Step 2: Required Documents For ADNOC Registration

There are few documents that must needs for the ADNOC Vendor Registration. Also Ensure that all documentation is accurate, up-to-date, and complies with ADNOC’s requirements.

  • Mainland Abu Dhabi DED Licence.
  • Company valid Trade License.
  • VAT Registration details (TRN Number).
  • Legit financial statements (up-to 2 years).
  • Company information (i.e, address, company size, number of employees, etc.)
  • ISO Certification.
  • SPC Approval.
  • Basic company information and contact details.

Step 3: Profile Submission

After gathering all the necessary documents and having all the things align, there’s a need to submit the application. After submission, ADNOC will evaluate all of the vendor submissions within a few days, and if the information is accurate, ADNOC will move on to the Pre-Qualification Stage.

Step 4: Pre-Qualification

At the pre-qualification stage, after profile approval, the vendor must provide additional technical information about their products and services, which will be followed by an evaluation of ADNOC, and finally, the approval will be given out to the company.

How To Register As ADNOC Supplier?

The ADNOC supplier registration process serves as a comprehensive screening method to guarantee that ADNOC’s supplier base is made up of legitimate and competent organizations. This method helps ADNOC to maintain the highest quality and compliance standards throughout its supply chain. Which is essential for an organization of ADNOC’s size and significance in the energy sector. Suppliers are expect to achieve not only precise technical and financial criteria, but also high ethical and regulatory standards. ADNOC could mitigate risks, improve operational efficiency, and safeguard the integrity of its operations by developing a complete supplier vetting procedure.

The utilization of the ADNOC Ariba system streamlines the supplier registration and prequalification process. This methodical strategy benefits both ADNOC and its suppliers by cultivating an open, accountable, and mutually beneficial relationship, ultimately contributing to ADNOC’s success and sustainability in the oil and gas business.

Steps to Become ADNOC Supplier

If you want to become an ADNOC supplier, there are a few essential steps you must take to get start. ADNOC is committed to working with a wide range of global vendors and has built a robust prequalification and registration process. Here are the steps you must take:

  • Research and study ADNOC’s requirements.
  • Get your company register with the Abu Dhabi Government Suppliers Portal.
  • Submit the pre-qualification application.
  • Participate in supplier evaluation.
  • Register as an approved supplier.

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